Search Engine Optimization

When Melriks Design, Inc., builds a Web site for you, we keep solid Search Engine Optimization principles in mind throughout the building process. Search Engine Optimization guides our decisions about page names, file names, text organization, and site design. It is the foundation of all that we do.

What about Keywords

Good Search Engine Optimization, starts with your text: keywords, headings and related content. Every word on your Web site needs to be refined to focus on the right content to help the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, etc.) rank your site correctly. Professional writing also factors into the mysterious algorithm (the tool the search engines use to rank your site). Poorly written text could penalize your Web site. Our editors will review your content and remove those penalty causing typos and grammatical mistakes.

Content and Search Engine Optimization

Content is truly king on the Web and, at Melriks Design, Inc., our team of creative services professionals will help you pull out the content gems from your Web site or business brochures.  With that content, we’ll design an eye-catching Web site that also follows the latest in SEO on-page recommendations.  Build your Web site so it is optimized for the Search Engines from day one.