eCommerce Web Site Design Company

Are you dreaming about selling your products online, but you don’t know where to start? Melriks Design can help businesses in southeast Michigan get started, and, once the eCommerce Website is launched, we will help you maintain your eStore.

eCommerce is a very complicated thing to set-up correctly. Postage, taxes, shipping, payment gateways… the compliance list is long. When you work with Melriks Design, Inc., we will take care of the details of setting up your online company giving you time to focus on the products and services that you love.

eCommerce Data Services

You can’t sell products online unless you add the products to the Web site. We have experienced staff who are great at online product photography, editing photos, adding eCommerce Search Engine Optimized (SEO) text and configuring products in the eCommerce website builder of your choice.

When you want to sell things online, we can build a Web site that sells your products and promotes the branding of your company. Let’s start the process today, call us at 734-707-4020.

Best eCommerce Websites

There are a variety of ecommerce website builders (shopping cart solutions) available online. When evaluating tools for building the best ecommerce Websites, we are always looking for the middle ground of performance and ease of use. Most online sellers can use one of two options: Shopify or Magento.

Shopify Camo Creek OutdoorsUsing Shopify for your eStore

Shopify is a cloud-based shopping cart. For simple online stores, Shopify has everything you need:

  • easy to add products,
  • easy to pick payment gateways,
  • shipping set-up, tax set-up and
  • flexible template-based design.

Magento Website Design

For those online stores that need more: look to Magento. Magento is a very powerful eCommerce website builder. You must have two things to make Magento work correctly:

  • a trusted developer and
  • a robust Web site host.

Let Melriks Design be your trusted developer. We’ll guide you around the usual implementation problems. Let 4word Systems, Inc., host your Magento website. You’ll have a custom designed Magento site that’s fast and secure.