Web Design Trends

Every year the style of Web sites changes. When we start a new Web design project, our second step is to analyze the competition and categorize the sites by year of design. It’s not a good or bad analysis, but a determination of what features must be included to become better than the competition.

Where does your current Web site fall on the spectrum of design? Is it time for an update?

2019 Design Examples

Trends: Transition to illustrated characters (moving away from photography).

2018 Design Examples

Trends: full screen sections where the content uses the entire browser window. Large photos. On-scroll animation. https (green lock).

2017 Design Examples

Trends: large header section. Sticky header (stays in place and scales as you scroll). Mostly static designs (little animation).

2016 Design Examples

Trends: full screen sections, but content is still limited to the middle. Large photos.

2009 Design Examples

Trends: small, centered design. Small fonts. Not responsive. May have flash elements.