Newsletter Graphic Design

We love newsletters. Writing them. Designing them. Prepping them for print. Creating newsletters is at the core of Melriks Design, Inc. Developing a company newsletter was one of the first jobs we were commissioned to do, and it remains a cornerstone of our business.

Creating a Newsletter

newsletter designWhen you work with Melriks Design, Inc., you will immediately see our enthusiasm for your newsletter project. Our writers will craft the perfect, grammatically-correct content. Our photographers can take product photos or find the perfect stock photo. Our designers will create a theme that engages your audience. Our typesetters will pull all of the elements together into the perfect newsletter package.

If the newsletter is printed by a vendor, we will prepare it for printing. We can work directly with your print vendor to verify the files are created to print well on their equipment.  Digital newsletters will have hyperlinks embedded before they are emailed or uploaded to the cloud.

Newsletter from Start to Finish

We can take your newsletter, annual report or magazine from start to finish. Need help with just one or two tasks? We can also work as a part of your in-house team as just writers or designers. Contact Melriks Design at 734-707-4020.