Logo Creation

One of the most difficult things you will create for your business is the logo. It is the foundation that all other publications will be built upon. Customers will see your logo first and, when designed correctly, will remember the longest.

Creating Great Logos

A good logo has the right blend of text, fonts, and design elements. A great logo has all those things plus that extra spark that is only found when a masterful graphic designer creates a logo for you.

Melriks Logo Detail Sheet

Over our nearly 20 years of logo design, we have made a lot of good and great logos. We start by learning about your company or organization. What do you do? What is the corporate philosophy? What do you believe in? The creative logo designers at Melriks Design, Inc., then distill that knowledge down to a few symbols that immediately tell customers what you are all about.

A Comprehensive Logo Package

Once the logo has been designed, you will receive a complete logo package with notes about how to use the logo and several file formats to meet your every need.

Vector Logo

If you already have a logo but can’t find the original source files, let our designers rebuild it for you in vector format. A vector logo can be scaled to any size without becoming fuzzy. Not all design firms are good at vectorizing logos. We are.

Let’s start building the most important piece of your business today. Contact Melriks Design, Inc., at 734-707-4020.